Andhra Bank
Frequently Asked Qustions

Frequently Asked Qustions

1: I want to reduce the Sum insured from Rs 3 lakhs to Rs 2 lakhs for both of us.

Reply : You can inform to the Bank Branch from which you have taken the Policy about the changes in Sum Insured.

2: Please state premium for sum insured of Rs 2 lakhs.

Reply : The Premium for 2020-21 was not yet announced. Once it is announced, you will get SMS from TPA OR you can enquire with Bank Branch from which you have taken the Policy. The Premium Rates may be announced positively after May 15th May, 2020 and informed to all Bank Branches.

3: Please state that during lockdown crisis when physical payment of premium is not possible for senior citizens like me, what alternative online payment opportunities are these.

Reply : The Bank will automatically debit the premium on 08.06.2020 to your account in the said bank. Hence please maintain sufficient balance (by 07.06.2020) on receipt of SMS from TPA about the Premium to be paid for 2020-21 (OR) on enquire with Bank Branch.

4: Date of Birth Proof.

Reply : The Account Holder is required to submit Date of Birth Proof in the Bank Branch from which he/she has taken policy OR the Bank Branch nearest and convenient to him/her.